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Awakening Your Sacred Masculine Group
Wednesdays, Nov 8 - Dec 13*, 6:00-7:30 PT
Via Zoom - $100

Masculinity is a term that has caused discomfort for those of us identifying as gay men. It was relegated to things that didn't interest us, like sports, chasing women, or violence. But in its purest form, it's a divine essence that's about being self-assured while desiring the well-being of others. When gay men integrate this side of ourselves, we can experience a sense of healing, which in turn will also help heal the world around us.

Awakening Your Sacred Masculine is a five-week group designed to help gay men connect with their sense of masculinity while also forming genuine relationships with one another. Each session will include teaching and community-building discussions. We'll cover:

  • Practical ways you can live from the four Sacred Masculine archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, & Lover

  • Recognizing and overcoming your shadows

  • Developing your intuition to become more creative

  • Affirming your inner child

  • Connecting with other men and develop genuine friendships

The primary text for the course is King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Gillette and Moore. It can be purchased from local booksellers through or Amazon.

About the Facilitator

David Monticalvo (he/him) is a speaker, facilitator, and writer on gay men's spirituality based in San Francisco. He's working on his first book and pursuing training through the Unity movement.

*We will skip November 22 for Thanksgiving week

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