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Speaking Portfolio

Given my diverse background, I've had opportunities to speak in various settings on topics ranging from spirituality to rejection to even overdose prevention. I'd be  honored to speak at an event or podcast, just contact me at

Unleashing Your Creativity for the Gods

Drag & Spirituality Summit

November 2023


I led a workshop on digging deeper into one's creative resources for drag artists, some of the most creative people in the world.

Gay Spirituality ... Say What?!

The Eugene Page Show 

October 2023


Discussing how gay men can leverage their masculine energy to empower their lives.

Being Completely Gay and Completely Spiritual

Queerly Beloved Podcast with Wil Fisher

August 2023

A joyful, playful discussion on my journey to full spiritual acceptance!

A Gay Man's Evolution from Shame to Celebration

Reclaiming Our Spirituality Summit

June 2023

I had the honor of being interviewed by my friend Christian de la Huerta about my own story on uncovering my personal power as a gay man.

Lessons from my Ancestors

Unity San Francisco

Dia de Los Muertos 2022

Part of a team of Hispanic speakers who shared what they learned from their cultural heritages

News Appearance: Overdose Prevention

KRON 4 News

October 2022

I lost my best friend Angelo to an accidental fentanyl poisoning. Educating the public on overdose prevention strategies & de-stigmatizing substance use is one of my passions.

Resurrecting From Death to Life

Unity San Francisco

Easter 2022

Part of a team of speakers who shared their personal journeys from the pits of despair to joyous life.

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